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ichigo * novelty romance
The magical kingdom of Berbania is under siege! Dona Maria, new princess of Berbania, has been cursed with madness and has begun to summon forth beasts from the shadows to destroy the kingdom's inhabitants. Don Juan and Don Pedro are ready to face off against the princess-turned-sorceress, but while they battle, the city will still need the protection of people from its various guilds to fend off the shadow beasts attempting to kill civilians.

Although scattered around the city, members from Warrior, Archer, Rogue, and Magician guilds have been brought together and given the mandate to work in pairs to help defend the city. After all, the army could only do so much.

Warriors are gifted with extraordinary physical endurance and power. They could either be defenders or all-out fighters. Among all the guilds, they can take the most damage and do the most damage. They wield heavy armor, shields, and swords/spears/maces/all kinds of melee weapons.

Archers are hawkeyed, and are armored lightly for agility. In addition to their light armor, they can wield traditional bows for arching long-range attacks or crossbows for straightforward gun-like ranged attacks. They also carry daggers on their bodies for quick defense in case of a sudden melee attack.

Rogues are fast and efficient, and were trained to work as assassins or thieves. What they lack in defense, they make up for with their speed and skill. They wield cloaks, daggers, throwing weapons, and a bag of tricks for an easy escape/stealthy kill.

Magicians can opt to be either offensive mages or defensive clerics. In either school of magic, they could also pick up a few tricks from the other discipline. Both draw their powers from the elements.

Up against them, together with the shadow beasts, are the shadow captains: human enemies drawn by the madness and can possess skills similar to the members of the four guilds. Their weapons are drawn from shadows.


1. Everyone plays people from the six guilds working in the city or one of the shadow captains summoned by Dona Maria. No one can approach the castle where Don Juan and Don Pedro are fighting Dona Maria.
2. If you are playing from one of the six guilds, you will be paired up with someone from another guild.
3. Playing one of the shadow captains? You won't have a pair, but just about any participant can take a shot at them.
4. The objectives of this mission is to keep the shadow beasts/shadow captains at bay until Dona Maria is finally defeated, and save any civilians that may need assistance.
5. No godmoding, everyone is a mortal, and has more or less equal rank.
6. Play nice.

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ichigo * novelty romance

The campus is all a-buzz with activity! Once again, it's time for the annual university-wide fair! Three fun-filled days of no classes and great activities! There are student-run stalls selling all kinds of foods. And there are even arcade games, a jail booth, and even a wedding booth! Throughout the three-day holiday, students and faculty can participate in sports events in the daytime and see performances by student and faculty bands at night.

What will your characters be doing?

To learn more about SLRU, check out the first SLRU post here. There's also information on how to enjoy text-based roleplay there.

Club Time! [SLRU Roleplay Post]
ichigo * novelty romance

The school bell rings and the students quickly disperse from their classrooms, eager to sign up for this year's new clubs. Thanks to San Lorenzo Ruiz University's diverse student population, pre-school, grade school, high school, and college level students can all join a club and participate in the things they like best.

Need to learn more about the setting? Check out the last SLRU post here. You can also find a sample of how the roleplay goes there.

For this round of the roleplay, if you are starting a thread, please embolden important details such as the place, the time, and the club your doll is participating in. Since SLRU covers a wide range of characters, don't forget to also make your doll's role clear :D Are they a student? A teacher? Or the newest cafeteria cook?

Additionally, since this is now on a community, feel free to tag this post with the names of your characters for easy indexing later on if we have more roleplay posts :)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through this journal.

Event Post #1
ichigo * novelty romance
Characters: Everyone and anyone!
Status: OPEN
Summary: Manika Cafe opens! There's a big party. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Location: The entire cafe.

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